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The “Movable Flavors” was born of a course named “Food, Wine and Travel Writing for the Leisure Industry,” offered by the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing of Hong Kong Baptist University. Forty-three enrolled students interviewed thirty-three domestic helpers from the Philippines and Indonesia about the stories behind them leaving their homes and families to work in a foreign country; and their experience in adapting to a different life and diet. Students were divided into ten groups and created ten recipes in responses to the stories of the interviewees. The ten groups created dishes that we would like to have presented to the interviewees, but due to various reasons, we were not able to do so. On 4th March, 2019, the students shared these stories and dishes they made with the public at the HMW Festival Creative Arts Fair held by the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing.

One of the students said, “She has been at our home for quite a while, and we have been telling her what to do but never have we asked about how she is and her life.” Another student said, “No one could make better use of the public space in this city than these migrant workers. Hopefully, all the words written can bring more understandings towards these workers and this city.

Translated by 廖杏怡 LIU Rachel Hang Yi 


This project is sponsored by Hung Hin Shiu Charitable Foundation

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謝曉虹 Dorothy TSE Hiu Hung (dorothytse@hkbu.edu.hk)

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