Easy and Quick—Curry Chicken with Indonesian Shrimp Crackers

史燕婷SZE Yin Ting 
葉珩之YIP Hang Chi 
倪嘉穎NGAI Ka Wing 
田暢TIN Cheong 
黃湘筑HUANG Xiang Zhu


When we were designing the dish, we wanted it to be an easy and convenient dish, which contains a variety of authentic flavors of hometowns and can be done quickly.


The dish must be done quickly because the foreign domestic helpers have to serve their bosses well. They do not have much time for every task. If the preparation is very time-consuming, it is putting the cart before the horse.

The dish must be convenient to cook. The domestic helpers have only one day-off a week. On that holiday, they have to wake up and leave home early, spend a long time in traffic and return home late because they do not want to be stuck at the workplace again too soon. It is meaningless to waste their limited free time if the food is difficult to find. The best is those ready-to-eat ingredients, which requires little preparation before cooking. The domestic helpers can get them when they do grocery shopping for their employers.

The dish must be easy to prepare. The domestic helpers have an exhausting and hectic daily schedule. If the dish is a very complicated one demanding huge effort to cook, then it is not the “flavors of hometowns” designed for the domestic helpers but other people.

Translated by YIM Yuen Hai, Carolina





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