Parcel—The Flavor Sent from the Faraway Homeland

李慧詩 LEE Wai Sze 
林峰丞 LAM Fung Sing 
陳偉業 CHAN Wai Kin 
張文慧 CHEUNG Man Wai 
鄧灝晴 TANG Ho Ching


We are going to prepare a fusion New Year dish of Filipino and Indonesian style by putting puto bumbóng, coconut cakes and all kinds of round fruits into a Chinese candy box, which symbolizes “togetherness”. The design concept of this dish is our group’s hope of connecting the people in Hong Kong, Indonesia and the Philippines and unifying us into one. Besides, the migrant workers often send home parcels. These contain not only the items they have bought, but also their hopes and love towards their families. Therefore, the dish is named Parcel. The interviewees may not be able to attend the event, but we will still deliver them the Parcel, so they can enjoy the flavors of their faraway hometowns.

Puto bumbóng was introduced to us as an indigenous Filipino dish by a Filipino mother and her daughter. To be honest, we could not guarantee an exact replica of the original taste. We went through a journey of exploration, trials and creation with an experimental spirit, and finally we produced this unique puto bumbóng, which fits our idea of “connection”. When making the Indonesian layer cake, we poured the coconut batter and the pandan batter into the cake tin to form alternate layers. This is a lengthy process representing the union of the people from Hong Kong, Indonesia and the Philippines will need a long time. Finally, we put the round fruits into the candy box because the Filipinos put them at home when celebrating their new year. They are a sign of completeness, prosperity and abundance. These fruits deliver the workers the blessing of living a life of good fortune, and they also embody the meaning of people of different nationalities come together and support each other.

Parcel brings back the flavors and memories of the workers’ hometowns. They may be bitter, but the dish is sweet. We hope the sweetness can remind the migrant workers of the sweet and happy memories with their families.

Translated by YIM Yuen Hai, Carolina





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