Exotic Flavored Chicken and Beef Satay 

陳鈞貽CHAN Kwan Yee  
林詠祺LIN Wing Ki  
許卓雯HUI Cheuk Man  
鄧梓霈TANG Tsz Pui 


Satay in Indonesian is sate. Originated in Indonesia, Satay is a national dish and the favorite of one of our interviewees, Ana.


The other two interviewees, Amy and Eden, are Filipino. Satay is also a popular dish in their hometown which is similar to Indonesian satay. The only difference is, Filipino satay is dipped in thick and rich peanut sauce while Indonesian satay does not come with any sauce.

Additionally, we choose to use chicken and beef not just because they match perfectly with satay but also a consideration for Muslim population in the Philippines and Indonesia. Since consuming pork is their religious taboo, therefore, it is avoided.

We do not only prepare this dish in response to the stories of Ana, Amy and Eden but would like to share with all the teachers and peers from HKBU. Skewers are popular snacks among youngsters, and we hope that they can enjoy these skewers with exotic flavors which is different from the ones that we can taste in Hong Kong; and have a distinct cultural experience and that they can fall in love with this movable flavor.

Translated by 廖杏怡 LIU Rachel Hang Yi 



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